Piano Removals – Trolley Hire

Piano Removals

We strongly recommend you get it moved by professional piano removers like ourselves however, should you already be working to a stretched budget, here are some useful tips.

The average weight of an upright piano is 1/5th of a ton, mainly due to the iron frame; the tension on its strings, when in tune, lies somewhere between 16-17 tons.

Moving Upstairs?

Not recommended! Its painful, it gets to warm in the winter, and there’s no technical way of moving a piano upstairs, safely.

In a narrow hallway, make sure the piano is facing the correct way to tackle any tight corners and that the bottom panel is secure. If it’s not, remove it.

It’s safe to manoeuvre the piano on either end (Like the experts in the picture!) if you haven’t hired one of our piano trolleys, then you could use a thick blanket or duvet and drag the piano round, mindful of the door threshold and possible damage to the underside of the piano.

The most valuable advice we can give, always manoeuvre around a corner with the keyboard facing out, pivoting from the back.

If you’re local to us, then we do offer a Piano Trolley rental service.

Piano Removals